Quintet Partners supports businesses and investment opportunities where there is a clear strategy to create value for stakeholders including management, owners, investors, employees, community and customers. 


We work in partnership with business owners, management teams and property developers to:     

  • Adopt a partnership model with a flexible approach to equity investment while ensuring incentives and outcomes are aligned to growth and monetisation.

  • Assist management by bringing first-rate skills, commercial experience, analysis, and governance to SME companies.

  • Support a focus on strategic initiatives, including acquisition and consolidation strategies, expansion of successful business models and operating improvements.

  • Provide flexible equity solutions and private equity expertise, particularly for owners and managers exploring a management buyout.

Transaction Sourcing

We have a relationship-oriented direct sourcing approach focusing on businesses without an existing financial sponsor or institutional investor. Our efforts are focused on founder or family owned businesses where a sale is not feasible due to existing shareholders’ desires to retain their ownership, or management's desire to extend their involvement in the business by taking equity or equity like risks and benefits.

Competitive Advantage

While we can participate in competitive situations, we typically only participate in them if it is believed that we can deliver expertise or connections that will enhance the value of the business beyond other investors.

Time Horizon

Our investment horizon is influenced by factors including prevailing market conditions and industry characteristics. As patient investors, we allow each investment to evolve at a natural pace. Our goal is to hold investments for approximately five years.

Exit Strategy

For each investment, we evaluate potential exit scenarios, including an initial public offering, recapitalisations and trade sale opportunities. Throughout our investment period, we monitor the activity in each of the relevant markets and maintain contact with prospective intermediaries and principals in a position to fund or facilitate an appropriate exit for all stakeholders.

Social Responsibility

As part of our investment approach, we consider the ethical, social and environmental impact of each investment opportunity, given our objective of being a community driven organisation that places value on people and the environment.