Whereas large infrastructure assets have traditionally been the domain of institutions and superannuation funds, Quintet Partners is adopting a differentiated strategy and focussing on smaller scale investments to capitalise on the emerging, distributed trends in energy and support private businesses and Government in funding their capital needs.

The improving economics of renewable energy and smart energy technology is also contributing towards the expansion and changing nature of existing infrastructure. Quintet Partners seeks to capitalise on these evolving industry trends by originating, acquiring and managing infrastructure and energy related investments, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

Our approach is to pursue controlling or significant minority investments in infrastructure and energy assets exhibiting downside protection and use our sector expertise and relationship network to work with management to create value for all shareholders. With over two decades of experience in the infrastructure and energy sectors, our team has a deep understanding of the risk factors and attributes of high-quality investments. Our sector knowledge and deep network of industry relationships help us to identify attractive investment opportunities. 

Our investment criteria includes:

  • Equity investment of over $5m

  • Attractive long dated industry fundamentals and significant/essential market position

  • Sustainable cashflow/distribution profile or clear pathway to sustainability

  • High quality management with a clear growth strategy

  • Socially responsible investing

We have a particular interest and expertise in the following Energy and Infrastructure sub-sectors:

  • Energy and associated infrastructure including power generation, utilities and storage

  • Water and water treatment

  • Waste, recycling infrastructure and waste to energy projects

  • Transportation and logistics, including electric vehicle infrastructure

  • Health related infrastructure and broader social infrastructure facilities and projects

  • Media and communications networks and associated infrastructure

  • Public private partnerships with all forms of Government related to infrastructure and energy

  • Any other public or private infrastructure or essential services assets having similar characteristics to those above

We have the ability to work alongside partners and co-invest directly and also have the ability to invest in senior and subordinated debt instruments in line with the sectors and asset characteristics described above.